Ogden Elementary Project Fit

Welcome to Project Fit Running Club

Club Goal: Finish Stronger Than the Day Before!

We are very happy you have chosen to do this after-school activity. We want to over what you are to expect for the next eight weeks. We will divide you into groups (group by grade, or by ability). Some of you may walk, some will walk and run and some will want to run the entire time. Remember we have invited you out here to have FUN and to get more active and fit. You will learn some running and stretching exercises. Hopefully you will also become more active on the other days and please encourage your friends and family to exercise with you. Why not walk to school and run on the weekends?

If some kids run and others walk, it doesn’t mean that anyone is better. Your goal in running club is to finish every day stronger than the day before. We ask that you do you PERSONAL BEST. Set your own goals over the next eight weeks.  Interested?  REGISTER HERE

Here are the general rules for this club:

-No horseplay and keep your hands to yourself. We don’t want anyone injured.

-Be respectful to others. No teasing and listen to your coaches.

-Arrive on time, wear comfortable shoes and clothing, and bring a snack and water.

-Stay with your group

-Be positive

-If you don’t feel well or start to feel an injury, tell an adult.

-Never leave your group without telling your coach. We need to keep track of you!

So how do we start?

  1. Each time, we take roll.
  2. Next we will do warm up /active exercises.
  3. Then we will do running / walking workouts.
  4. Lastly we will do cool down stretches.

It is very important to warm up and stretch at cool down so your muscles don’t get injured.

Now let’s go have fun!

NOTE: Children should bring water to every workout or a water cooler should be available nearby. It is also recommended students bring a healthy snack to nibble before or after workouts.

Running Form Reminders: 1) Run tall & straight 2) Chin level, look forward 3) Arms straight forward & back and 4) Baby steps or sneaky steps

Program Highlights

-Run/Walk - no experience needed

-Open to 1st-5th graders

-Every Tuesday from September 20th through November 1st 

-Starts after school at 2:15 pm for 50 minutes, parents are responsible for picking up their child after the program each day

-Program consists of warm up drills, fun runs and games, & cool down stretches

-Parent volunteers welcome!  If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Erica Murphy at eginzie@gmail.com or 910-239-9410

-Cost:  $40 per child

-Register here  

Ogden Elementary Project Fit More Info »

Program Start: September 20th
Program Schedule: Every Tuesday for 7 Weeks
Goal Race: Friends School of Wilmington 5K
Program Fee: $40

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