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Join our Fleet Feet Wilmington Pace Group Leader Team!

Pace Group Leaders (PGL) play an important role in ensuring a great experience for our training program participants.  Do you have what it takes to be a Fleet Feet Sports PGL? We are currently looking for run and run/walk mentors for our half and full marathon training program starting August 8th.

The Fleet Feet Sports Pace Group Leaders Team is a passionate group of run/walk and run mentors who help people reach their goals of run/walking and running a half or full marathon.

What is a PGL?

A Pace Group Leader (PGL) is  a valuable resource to our training program participants and an "on the road" representative of Fleet Feet Sports Wilmington.  Their main responsibilities include: providing support and guidance to their group, offering positive energy and a positive attitude to the group, on road safety support, keeping an assigned approximate pace while walking or running, and educating participants about the benefits that Fleet Feet Sports offers. A PGL is a training tool for the participants for the fact that they can provide personal experiences, wisdom, and other general tips when it comes to training for 1/2 marathons, full marathons, and other road events.

We will train on Tuesdays at 6:30 pm and Saturdays at 7 am. You will have the option of participating in our Monday strength workout as well. 


  • Can motivate and inspire others in a positive manner
  • Has completed at least 2 races at your desired distance.
  • Is able to attend 80% of all twice-weekly training workouts
  • Will relay critical information, suggestions and concerns to the Head Coach and/or Michelle
  • Is willing to run for the purpose of mentoring and not for your own workout (during group/race runs)
  • Can maintain a desired pace or has access to GPS watch or GPS app for pace guidance
  • Must carry hydration and wear proper visibility gear
  • Is a people person and has a desire to help others achieve their goals
  • Attend Mentor Training/Meeting

What distances can I mentor for?:

  • Half Marathon
  • Marathon


  • Warm fuzzy feeling from knowing that you made a difference in someone's running and/or walking
  • Free entry into the training program you are mentoring
  • Sponsor incentives
  • 20% store discount for the duration of the program, excluding electronics and nutrition


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