ART Clniic

Have you tried stretching, ice, massage, PT or medications but still experience pain with running?  Learn about treating plantar fasciitis, runner’s knee and other common running ailments with Active Release Technique (or ART).  Join us on Wednesday, June 15th at 6:30 pm as the group from Active Care Chiropractic take us through the benefits of ART and how it can help keep us injury and pain free.

What is Active Release Technique? 
Active Release Technique®, or ART®, is a hands-on muscle treatment used to identify and treat soft tissue injuries that can occur from trauma or repetitive over use. Active Release treats scar tissue in muscles, tendons, ligaments, and nerves without injuring the surrounding soft tissue. Active Release maintains the health of the soft tissue surrounding the joints ensuring proper function of both the soft tissues and the joints.
We are lucky to have Dr. Levi Bradburn and Active Care Chiropractic present on this amazing therapy technique.  Active Care Chiropractic has been the leading Active Release Technique provider in Wilmington for over 10 years, and Dr. Bradburn is Full Body certified in ART, the official hands-on soft tissue treatment of the IRONMAN Program.
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